Mentalism Explained Well



Mentalism is an excellent art of illusionism whose theme is divination, predilection, parapsychology and other paranormal phenomena, extra-sensory perceptions, clairvoyance, reading of thoughts …


The goal is to recreate these experiences as realistically as possible, in front of an audience. For this, the mentalist uses a whole arsenal of techniques such as the study of body language, psychology, statistics, pantheon, lie, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnosis, empathy, astrology, Mnemonics, manipulation, influence and other tricks derived from magic.


This entertainment attracted more and more people who are wondering about this fascinating art. Is it that easy?


I make you discover this discipline on stage in a show where I try to guess, the name of one of your loved ones, to reproduce the drawing of a spectator, to manipulate your senses and your mind so that you do things Incoherent, to make you live a session of spiritism as they were practiced at the end of the 18th century. During each of my issues, I integrate humor so that the show is lighter.


I also do mentalism in close-up.

This format lends itself very well to these experiments

where I like to guess the objects that hide certain spectators,

to make them to make choices that I decided without their knowledge,

or even to play the detector of lie. Sometimes I venture into chiromancy sessions,

or draw tarots to sow doubt in the minds of my audience.


I also practice hypnosis but what is it?


Hypnosis is one of the tools that can be used during performing mentalism.

I have been trained over several courses in these techniques.


Hypnosis is nothing more than a natural state that we under-exploit.

You can achieve incredible results in a very short time,

Whether for therapy or for entertainment. This is probably the closest thing to real magic. Imagine not being able to lift your glass from the table anymore, when all your friends get there without any difficulty, see and talk to your favorite star when you only have one of your loved ones in front of you, or even Forget one thing you always knew as your first name.

All this is possible through the power of mentalism.